The TOPSEAL System


Topseal is a cold applied, BBA approved, GRP (Glass Reinforced Polyester) waterproofing system, which is used to form a durable waterproof membrane over a roofs surface, regardless of it's size and complexity.

Topseal will only supply it's products to trained and approved Topseal installers and boasts an impressive minimum guarantee of 20 years on both materials and workmanship.

With a large variety of colours and finishes to choose from, Topseal is also a fantastic system for balconies and roof terraces, where the aesthetics of the roof are important. 



No joins, No laps, No leaks!


Topseal really does tick all the boxes as a permanent solution to all the usual problems associated with flat roofs. 

There are no joins, none at all, across the entire roof surface.

The system is applied as a liquid and cures to form a solid smooth laminate that is chemically bonded to the roof deck and any areas of detail such as flu pipes, upstands and sharp steps and corners, are easily sealed. 

The GRP also has excellent thermal expansion properties which means it will not split or crack in extreme hot or cold weather



Will I need to replace the whole roof in

20 years?


A Topseal roof is guaranteed for a minimum of 20 years(longer guarantees are available) with a life expectancy of 100 years!

The roof structure should never have to be changed, once installed correctly. After the 20 or 25 year term, the roof will be thoroughly sanded, cleaned and keyed; then an additional layer of the Topseal system can be applied, giving you another full, extensive guarantee on the roof all over again. 

Topseal is widely regarded as 'the permanent flat roof system';

I think you can see why..



Is it expensive?


Single ply membranes are generally more expensive than traditional felt roofs, although it does depend on the installer. Felt roof guarantees tend to range from 5 -10 years and some installers offer no guarantee at all.

There should be a noticeable difference in price between renewing with a felt roof system and a single ply membrane system, purely because of the difference in material costs.


Prices can range between *£55 - £90 per square metre, of an installed Topseal roof.

felt roof should range between *£40- £60 per square metre.

*(prices shown as a guide only)


There are of course, a large amount of variables to take into consideration ie:


Job specification - Materials needed, rot/ damage to repair, insulation                                     requirements, trims & finishings etc.

The size of the roof - Typically, the larger the roof, the lower the cost per                                   sq/m. The smaller or more intricate the roof, the                                       higher the cost per sq/m.

The access to the roof - Height? Does it require scaffold? Is ladder access                                     difficult? 

The location of the property - Rural or inner city properties can incurr extra                                             costs to the job. Fuel, parking, vehicle wear                                               & tear etc




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